Resource Hacker 5.1.2 Crack

By | July 15, 2018

Resource Hacker 5.1.2 Crack Updated Version Free Download:

Resource Hacker is a capable free tool for viewing, extracting, and generally working with resources in 32 and 64-bit Windows executables and *.res files.At its simplest, you might use the program to open an EXE file, browse the icons or bitmaps it contains, and save any you’d like to use elsewhere.Resource Hacker can also access and display resources of many other types: cursors, AVI videos, images, menus, dialogs, forms, version information and more.

That’s useful enough, but Resource Hacker doesn’t stop there: it actually allows you to modify these resources. Replace an icon or bitmap. Resize a dialog box. Change menu text, maybe provide new version information. You can play around as you like, maybe resizing or positioning dialog controls to suit your needs, then have Resource Hacker recompile the results and update the executable (or *.res file) with all your changes.

Resource Hacker 5.1.2 Crack:

Keep in mind that this won’t always be possible. Resources can be hard to find, hidden in a DLL or OCX file somewhere. They may not be stored in a format Resource Hacker can access at all. Changing them might have unexpected or undesirable effects (only ever work with copies of a file). But the program does give you a chance, and on balance it’s probably worth a try.

Resource Hacker can create copies of the original files for editing to restore them more easily. This tool integrates many commands to replace the elements of the structure files such as Bitmap, Icon, Menu, String Table, Cursor, AVI, Version Info. This is a nice utility for Windows users to create a new style of work.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly and intuitive user interface
  • Versatile and complete resource editing tool
  • Compiling, viewing, compiling app resources
  • Support for both 32-bit and 64-bit applications
  • Supports *.exe; *.dll; *.scr; *.mui, and more
  • Create and compile resource script files
  • Edit Cursor, Icon, Dialog, Audio resources
  • And so much more.

What’s new ?:

  • The new menu resource designer
  • New optional binary viewer
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

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